Welcome to Holland, my country

Hi, my name is René Betgem, I am 54 years old and live in the Netherlands.  I can be your guide in Holland for a tour you will never forget!

Born in the heart of Holland, married and living in Almere with two daughters, I am crazy about my own country. Holland has so much to offer for you. Problem is that most of the visitors to Holland can never see Holland as we see it.

When you visit Holland you will probably be taken in a big bus, to the crowded tourist spots, on times that there are a lot more busses...and tourists. Perhaps you can ask the tour leader some questions before he leads you to a restaurant where he is going to get a tip for bringing you in and after that you will visit the factory or shop where he also gets his tip...meanwhile you are running outside to see what you can see in half an hour... Does it look familiar to you? To me it does. I have been around the world in many countries and I have seen that in most of the countries you are looked at as if you are, as we say in Dutch:  a milking cow!  They are only interested in your money!


Of course I don't work for free, although showing quests around is a hobby of me.

I will give you and you partner/ family, a special treatment. I pick you up at you hotel en will bring you back....when we have finished the day, as long as it may take. Holland is a country with a lot of traffic problems, so we need to take our time to visit everything you want to see. Standing in a traffic queue for your valuable money is not what you had in mind.

So, if you are going to Holland, write me a mail, ask me what you want to see, ask me what you want to eat, ask me what time you want to spend, and I will reply with a custom made private tour for you.

The car you will make your tour in is a Volvo V70, 2.4 D, fast and safe and I can take 4 persons with me.

So, interested....write to me.




René Betgem